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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vegas Baby!!!

Two days and counting for our trip to Vegas Baby!!! I think I am going to have to watch Swingers tonight... or maybe Casino. Probably won't watch either of them but I'm psyched for our trip. Already did some research on poker tourneys. Hoping to get into a couple while I'm out there.

Will definitely have to check out Binion's and Harrah's while we are out there. Anything to do with the World Series of Poker deserves a visit. I think the hotel we are staying at (Bellagio) is having a big poker tournament while we are there. The buy-in is too expensive for me, but would be cool if we saw any of the big name poker guys/girls out there. Will have to bring the camera.

Right now the weather isn't supposed to be great, but hopefully it will turn out ok. I think the last time I checked there was anywhere from a 10-20% chance of rain each day. And the temperatures were around 50-70 degree highs and lows.

That's enough excitement for now. Back to work.


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