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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nasdaq-100 Open

My pops invited me to watch some tennis tonight down in Key Biscayne. I think the last time I went to watch this tournament it was still called Lipton. Very excited. Looks like I might get to see a good Russian woman's singles match between Sharapova and Myskina. Never heard of Myskina, but she is ranked 10, so she has to be pretty good. Should be fun.

While I'm on the subject of tennis... I played tennis for the first time last Saturday with my father-in-law, uncle, and my father-in-law's friend. Had to be the first time I picked up a racket in over a year (maybe two). I ended up pairing up with my father-in-law's friend and we beat the heck out of my uncle and father-in-law.

Surprisingly I was on fire. Had only one bad service game, and my ground strokes were on. Had trouble with my uncle's serve on one side of the court, but other than that my game was pretty solid. My biggest advantage to the "older guys" was my speed. I covered a lot of court, and was able to get to shots they didn't expect.

Since everyone had such a great time, we are planning on doing it again this Saturday. This time my Pops is coming out there too. Should be a good time. Hopefully I can continue the good play.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to post the score (7-5, 6-0). We killed them!!!


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