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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Round One - South Alabama

So for our first game in the Dance we match up against a 14 seed South Alabama team coached by ex-Assistant Florida Gator Coach John Pelphrey. I remember being very impressed with Coach Pelphrey when I was going to the Gator games from 1996 - 2000. I never saw any of the team's practices, but during the game Pelphrey was always coaching the players on the bench, and he was the first guy Donovan would go to when discussing strategy during timeouts. Was very involved, and the team took a big hit when he left for South Alabama.

He is the reason why this first round matchup scares me. South Alabama plays a lot of guards and have a deep bench. They are a hustle team, and play a team game. No superstars on this team. They press most of the game which will give Taurean Green a lot of problems. They also have a number of players who can come out and give you 15 points on any given night. Look for them to create a fast paced game.

The one knock on South Alabama is there frontcourt, or lack of frontcourt. The Gators must get the ball inside to Noah, Horford, and Richard on every half court possession. This is something the Gators tend to lose focus on late in games.

I think we win this game easily if we get the ball inside to the big three, and limit our turnovers (need to break their press).

Gators - 70
S. Alabama - 54


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