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Monday, March 13, 2006

March Madness is here!!!

I am happy to say that my SEC Tourney predictions were all wrong. I was very surprised to see us win the Tournament. Was unhappy with our play against South Carolina in the finals, but a win is a win.

With the SEC Tournament under our belt, it's on to March Madness. I was expecting a 3 or 4 seed, and was happy to see the committee give us the 3 seed. More importantly they sent us to Jacksonville for our first two games. We are matched up against South Alabama in our first round game, and would play the winner of Oklahoma/Wisconsin-Milwaukee if we win. We should be favorites in both games especially with the home cooking, but you never know with this team. Sometimes we just don't show up, and our youth and turnovers are a big concern.

Back to the brackets. Was hoping we would get a Friday game instead of a Thursday game in the first round. The committee did this to us last year too. We played the SEC Tournament Championship game on a Sunday and we had our first March Madness game on a Thursday. We deserve the extra day of rest, and need it. Especially for Taurean Green. Don't get how this happens two years in a row.

I also can't believe Tennessee got a 2 seed. I mean they had a great year, but their finish did not warrant a 2 seed? I know they have a great RPI and all, but to lose four out of your last six (two at home), does not make a great two seed. Sounds shady (Coach Pearl = Shady). Wonder if there is something there?

Now it's off to filling up my brackets. I already did the easy part... No not the first round, the part where I mark in Florida for the Championship game. For some reason I just can't be unbiased when it comes to the Gators. I guess that's why I haven't won any pools in the last 4 years.


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