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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Did I Embarrass Gator Nation?

A couple of weeks ago I came across an ESPN Florida Gator Message Board titled Copycats at FSU. In it was a link to an article on the Tallahassee WCTV web site. The article was about 5th graders from a Tallahassee elementary school creating a sports drink called Noleade.

From there the Florida/Florida State bashes started. Typical stuff. Was all about the schools. Really had nothing to do with the 5th graders. Just an opportunity for Gators and Seminoles to talk their typical trash. I found some of it very funny, and decided to post it on my blog.

Well, one of the parents happen to come across my blog (when you search Noleade on Google, MSN, etc., my blog comes up in the Top 5) and was very offended, and said I was an embarrassment to my fellow Gators (see comments in blog post). In know way did I intend to make fun of the 5th graders, just found some of the Florida State bashes funny.

So my question to my fellow Gator Alumni is, did I embarrass you? Do you find my post offensive? If I receive enough negative feedback I will remove the post.

Again, in no way did I intend to make fun of the 5th graders, and I apologize if readers felt that way.


  • I was not offended or embarrassed in ANY way... You did what any good Gator should do - you made fun of the Seminoles...

    If the lady is over sensitive, or saw it in a way it wasn't intended, maybe SHE'S the one who needs to "stop wasting time and get a life."

    By Blogger LoveBoatCaptain, at 8:06 AM  

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