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Monday, April 10, 2006

Next up, the NBA Playoffs

Now that the College Basketball season is over, it's on to the NBA Playoffs. Right now the Heat are looking pretty pathetic. I was fortunate enough (maybe unfortunate) to go to last nights game against the Magic (Pops had scored tickets from his boss). What a terrible display of team basketball. I couldn't help but think of the Gator basketball team while watching this game and think they were the complete opposites of each other.

The Heat came out with zero energy. No defense from the backcourt, and there was no help from the frontcourt on drives to the hoop. I think the first four buckets for Orlando were layups or dunks. On offense nothing was happening in the first quarter. Whenever Halsem or Payton got the ball they were immediately looking for Wade or Shaq instead of looking at their options. Walker was the only one who was aggressive offensively, but he is is ice cold.

They desperately miss Jason Williams and Alonzo Mourning. Zo gives pushes them to an average defensive team by himself, while without him they are one of the worst teams defensively. Jason Williams brings a lot of energy, a good but streaky jump shot, and great court awareness. If these guys are in the lineup we have a small chance at making a run, but without them we could easily lose in the first or second round.

Gary Payton's play the last couple of weeks (last night in particluar) has been disappointing. He needs to get his confidence back with his shot. Seems like the only thing he is confident with these days is his mouth. They guy never shuts up. Starting to believe he is bad for the team. Not sure it is just him, but these guys aren't spending more time complaining than playing team ball.

That brings me to Wade. Wow this guy is amazing. Some of the shots he makes are Jordanesque. Probably the only guy that can come close to being compared to Jordan, but this year he has disappointed me. Wade rarely complained about getting fouled to the refs his first two years in the laegue. He was a very humble guy, who gave it his all, and didn't let the refs play into his game. This year all I see him do is complain. Starting to think he should be on the Pistons team. There have been a number of occasions this year where he has complained to the refs after not getting a call and didn't get back on defense (happened three times last night). Another occasion where he tunred the ball over, and instead running back on defense he just stopped in disgust of himself.

He is a changed player this year. Is it the presence of Payton? Is it the NBA stardom? I don't know, but if the Heat are planning on getting anywhere this year things need to change now.


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