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Thursday, April 13, 2006

One more day...

and it is off to Vegas. Can't wait. Haven't been this excited since I was a kid going to Disney World.

We received all of the information regarding the shows from my cousin yesterday. We are seeing Danny Gans Saturday night and Celine Dion Sunday night. Should be lots of fun. Only thing left now is figuring out where we are going to eat for dinner those nights. I think Danny Gans is at the Mirage. Hopefully they have some nice restaurants over there. Celine is at Ceasar's and I know they have a handful of good restaurants.

Still haven't packed yet. That is going to have to be tonight. Thinking it's going to be an all jeans weekend with khaki shorts during the day. No need to get all dressed up, don't think we will end up going to any fancy restaurants. Ok, maybe one nice outfit just in case.

Going to need to stop by a Border's during lunch so I can have some good reading material for the plane rides. Thinking I am going to get a book on Service Oriented Architecture or C# or both. Leaning towards SOA, but will see what they have.

My next blog should be on Tuesday telling you how I won a million bucks over the weekend playing poker (Hmm, wonder if I would have enough time to blog if I won that much money). Well, if you never hear from me again then you know I hit it big.

Wish me luck.


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