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Monday, May 01, 2006

Five Reasons why the Heat lost Game 4

5. We have absolutely nobody who can cover Nocioni and Ben Gordon. I almost think we would be better off if Dorell Wright was covering one of these guys. Too bad he isn't on the playoff roster.

4. Riley does not have this team in order. Players are crying to the refs... The team is not playing defense... He seems to be doing nothing about this. In the past a slap on the wrist, an evil stare, or a motivational speech would do the trick.

3. Wade needs to stop crying to the refs after every single play (ok, maybe he doesn't do after every play). It would make my day to see him play an entire game without saying one word (this includes sighs, stare downs, and lifting his hands up in disbelief) to the refs.

2. Wade needs to start playing some defense. Gordon and Heinrich take the ball to the hole at will. What is he thinking? Is he tired, lazy? WAKE UP!!!, this is the playoffs!!!

1. Any team that has to play against basketball players and referees, have a slim to none chance of winning. I couldn't believe we were in the game when the 4th quarter started.

With all of that aside you have to give credit to the Bulls. They are playing their hearts out and shooting lights out. Ben Gordon is a stud, and if this team gets a solid big man in next years draft (I think they have two first rounders, and the best chance at getting the #1 pick), they could be a very scary team.

In the mean time, I am pretty confident the Heat will show up on Tuesday and this series will be going back to Chicago with the Heat leading 3-2.



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