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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dolphin Season starts Tomorrow

Well, it does for me at least. Very excited about this season and this years draft. Would love it if we had more draft picks, but what are you going to do. We had to give up our 2nd rounder for Culpepper. Not sure where the rest of the picks went, but we have a 1st rounder (16th overall), a 3rd rounder, a 4th rounder, and a bunch of 7th rounders.

The needs for our team are focused around the OLB, DT, WR, S, backup QB, and backup RB positions. I think Harrington is a lock for the back QB position, but I think Saban doesn't want to reveal that until after the draft. Between the radio talk shows, message boards, and ESPN, nobody has been able to figure out what Saban (The Nicktator) is going to do.

Some people are saying if Cutler is available at 16 the Dolphins will be able to trade down. If he's not they will go for Santonio Holmes or Chad Jackson. Others are saying Saban will stick to his roots (Saban was a defensive back in his day) and draft a Saftey (Jason Allen's name has been thrown around).

Whatever it is I'm sure will help the Dolphins. It seems we have so many needs, it won't make a difference. Can't wait for the season start.



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