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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sports Post

So the Gators lost again to South Carolina. This time at home. The game wasn't on TV, so I am not able to criticize how we played. By looking at the stats, it looks like we did not defend the three to well and Brewer had a horrible shooting night. It's surprising how we can look so good against Kentucky one day, and then lose to the team with the worst SEC record, not once but twice.

This loss drops us to two games behind Tennessee in the SEC East, and one game ahead of Kentucky. Our next game is against LSU (first in the SEC West) on Saturday at 1:00 P.M. Need to come up with a win so we can hold on to second place in the East (need the bye for the SEC tourney).

The Heat have a big game on the road tonight against Dallas. This is a tough game. Dallas is on a big winning streak, and the Heat have yet to beat any of the top four teams this year (Detroit, San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix). As much as everyone talks about Shaq not being the same this year, I think the key to this game and there run to the Finals is the supporting cast. Posey, Payton, and Walker need to provide some consistency on both sides of the court.

As for the Dolphins, there are reports out (which the Dolphins have denied), that Terrell Owens was here talking with the team. Jason Taylor, Chris Chambers, and Randy McMichael have already come out and said they don't want him. Would be interesting to see how these guys would react to the Dolphins signing him. I have a feeling it's not going to happen (just a gut feeling). Would rather see us spend money on guys for the offensive and defensive lines... oh yeah, and a quarterback. I'm crossing my fingers for a Rivers, Culpepper, or Favre pickup. We shall see.


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