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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gators beat Ole Miss

Alright, so the Gators come up with a win on the road on ESPN last night. Big win for us, especially considering we were playing without Lee Humphreys and a banged up Cory Brewer (who should not be playing). Donovan already came out and said Brewer will not be playing Saturday against Kentucky. We need him healthy for March.

Taurean Green and Al Horford led the team in scoring, but the two things that impressed me most in this game was the team defense, and the play of the young guys (Walter Hodge, David Huertes, and Garrett Tyler).

The team defense was awesome. In the man to man they were double teaming Ole Miss's big man Curtis when he got the ball on the block, and everyone was rotating and helping out when the ball was swung out. Not the easiest thing when you have such a young team. This shows what great team chemistry these group of guys have, and the good coaching and preparation. The 2-3 zone defense they played late in the game was also very effective. The guards up top were moving to the ball and rotating, and the guys on the baseline were coming out and defending the three. The only way this defense is effective is if you have big men that are quick and can run to the ball on the wings, and we are fortunate to have a bunch of guys who can do that (Noah, Huertes, Brewer, Moss, Horford).

Then there is the play of Hodge, Huertes, and Tyler. Hodge has become a very consistent player who will gaurantee you a couple of three point shots and a layup or two every game. He is very explosive. There was a point in the game where it looked like we were getting tired and couldn't buy a bucket. Hodge had a steal or a rebound (can't remember), and took it the entire court and made an easy layup in traffic. Big boost for the team. Momentum changer.

I think this game was Huertes' break out game. He has scored for us in the past, and has proven he can knock down the three point shot, but his defense has been suspect. This game he proved he can play defense. He had four rebounds, and did not give up any open three point shots. I also like his aggressive plays towards the hoop. He made some nice offensive moves to the basket that came up short, but those shots will eventually fall.

Tyler also played an important role in this game. With us thin on the bench he was able to come in and play very good defense. His quickness on defense led to Ole Miss taking bad shots and giving the ball up.

Overall a very impressive win for the Gators on the road. I think the same kind of play will be needed for our game with Kentucky Saturday night. Kentucky did start off slow, but they are on a nice run right now. With College GameDay being in Gainesville on Saturday, the game will be very hyped, and will provide with a great game atmosphere. Should be a great game.


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