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Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekends are too short

Had a pretty good weekend (was too short though). Friday night we met my sister for Japanese food (our favorite). Wasn't that good though. We got seated right away, but waited for a cook for about an hour. When the cook came I felt like he was rushing. They had a lot of people waiting, so he wasn't on his game. No big deal.

Went home after dinner and got on the computer for some poker. Turned out to be one of my best sessions. Played 2 $100 9 person games and finished 2nd and 3rd. Then played a $30 18 person tourney and got first. I played pretty stupid early on (one hand in particular), but came back and played really good poker. On an early hand I was dealt AKo on the button with the blinds 25/50. Everyone folded to me. I raised to $150 and was hoping I would get one of the blinds to call. The small blind re-raised me for $350 more. Big blind folded. I decided to call and see a flop. Nothing came on the board, and the small blind was first to act. He throws out $250. This guy was involved in a lot of pots, so I put him on nothing, or a low pocket pair. This was also the first hand I was involved with, so I thought I'll move all-in and he'll probably fold (big mistake). Turned out to be a really stupid play. He called and turned over pocket Qs. I had him covered by $190...

Some of my all-in hands that kept me in the game and doubled me up were AJ vs A5 and KQ vs AT. I was very patient for these hands. Later on in the tourney when it went one table I was on the button with A4 of diamonds. Blinds were 75/150 and they were no callers when it got to me. I called as did the small blind, and the big blind checked. Flop came 523 of diamonds. Sweet!! Flopped a straight flush. I checked and the small blind (chip leader) threw out $400. The big blind folded and I called. Turn came up with an Ah. Small blind checked and I checked. River was a 9c. Small blind threw out $1125 and a raised the minimum (another $1125). He folded and I showed my hand. Was in 2nd place at this point. One hour later I won the tourney.

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to my folks house with Samantha. Helped my Pops bring down my furniture from upstairs. Kym was getting new furniture for her room and they moved her furniture into my old room. My furniture was in the loft. Brought it down to the garage and had some breakfast. The Eichels (Mark and Linda, parents neighbors) stopped by for breakfast with Gavin (grandson). We took some pictures of Sam and Gavin as you can see.

Left my folks house around 10:00 A.M. and was off to pick up Leslie and head to West Palm Beach to visit Grammie. Grammie was very excited to see us. She looked very good and seem to be feeling a lot better compared to earlier in the week. I ran to the grocery store while we were there to get her some fruit, bread, and drinks. Picked up some Checkers on the way home, and relaxed this rest of the afternoon.

Saturday night Samantha and I hung out for the night while mommy went to hang out with the girls. Went and picked up some Stevie B's for dinner and headed back to the house where Samantha and I sat around and played with her toys. She went to bed at 7:55 and I was off to playing on-line poker. I almost wish I didn't. I was coming off of one of my best sessions from the night before. Played in 3 $100 9 person tourneys and got knocked out early in all of them. Played really stupid. Was chasing draws for the most part.

Leslie got home around 9:00. She had a good time. They went to some Mexican restaurant. Can't remember the name. She went with Anona, Alyssa, Jen, Jaime, and Shak.

Sunday I woke up early and went to play some basketball. Second week in a row I got out there. I haven't done that since the hurricane hit. I played very well this time around. Was hitting my jump shot, and my stamina was coming back. Won about 4 or 5 games in a row. When I got back from basketball Leslie made us some french toast (yummy!). Hopped in the shower and did some stuff around the house. Then it was off to cheesecake for lunch. Headed back to the house for Sam's nap, and then went to visit the in-laws. Watched the Heat game on their HDTV. My father-in-law made his famous spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Good stuff!! By the time 7:30 came around I was exhausted. Must have been the five glasses of wine. Went home and watched Cold Case, and then passed out.


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