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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Poker Stories...

So I played a couple of games last night. Overall I did well. Played in two $50 9-person tourneys and one $100 9-person tourney. Placed 2nd in one of the $50 games and 3rd in the $100 game. In the other $50 game I got knocked out early (bad beat).

Of course I will get into the details. Doesn't every poker player have to explain his or her bad beats? Even as annoying it is to listen to other peoples bad beat stories we always feel the need to talk about our own (at least that is my feeling).

So I get A9 suited on the big blind. Blinds are $15/30 so it's still very early. One player has been eliminated so far. Five players call the blind and I decide to check to see a flop (I'm a very conservative player, some people think too conservative). The flop comes J99 rainbow. Awesome!!! I check and the player to the right of me throws out a $60 bet. Two more people call the $60 bet and it’s to me. So I re-raise to $360. First guy folds... Second guy goes all-in, what?!?! Next guy folds and it's to me again. He has me covered so I would be all-in. So I'm thinking the only thing that beats me is pocket Js and J9. Have to call. So after about 10 seconds into my time bank I make the call. So the cards are flipped over...

He's got K9. YES!!!!! So I am a big favorite right now. He's got 3 outs for the Ks to take the pot and 3 Js for the split. Next card comes up and it's the J. Ouch!!! Split pot. Man. What an opportunity to double up. So I'm pissed right now. But then the next card comes out and it's the K. NO!!!! I'm out. What are you going to do.

Looking back I'm really not too disappointed with this game. I put all of my chips at risk with the best hand. What more can you ask for.

All right, enough of my rambling of this bad beat. I'm sure there will be a lot more to come. Plus my sister just got here (was supposed to be babysitting tonight, but has turned out to Leslie and her chillin for the night), and they are staring at me as I write this post. Hopefully more good stories to come tomorrow (JTs bachelor party tonight).


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