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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Birthday Weekend

Have been pretty busy at work this week and have not been able to post. This is a good thing (the days go by so much faster). Had a very good birthday weekend. Friday night I went out to dinner with the Mrs. and Samantha to one of my new favorite restaurants “The Blue Moon Fish Company.” The food was awesome as usual, but kind of wished we got a babysitter for Samantha. Instead of enjoying my dinner, I was worrying half of the time that she was bothering the other customers. She wasn’t crying or anything, just talking loud, and continuously throwing her toys on the ground. Will have to remember that for next time.

Leslie gave me my birthday present at dinner (an iPod). I still have yet to get it working. I’m still having problems with my PC and my laptop only has one USB port (I need two to setup the iPod). So hopefully this weekend I can try and get the PC working again. My buddy Matt is supposed to get me a copy of the OS software for me (probably should call him). Then it’s off to listening to my music.

Saturday night a bunch of my friends came over for some pizza and poker. Didn’t win any money, but had a great time. Wore my new poker shirt from Sam. We setup on the porch (was a little nippy) so we didn’t bother Samantha sleeping, and I had a TV out there so we could watch the Gator Kentucky game. The girls spent most of the night inside talking. Was a good time by all.

Sunday morning we had the family over for brunch. Leslie made french toast (recipe from Helen) and I made the eggs. My in-laws picked up some bagels and my grandma brought over some tuna fish. That covered all of my favorites. We had a great time like we always do. Everyone sat around talking after we ate. The weather was beautiful. My pops and I played a bit of klabiash on the patio for a bit. We didn’t get to finish the game, but I was winning of course.

Once everyone left, Leslie and I cleaned everything up and chilled out the rest of the afternoon. We were really exhausted. We actually both passed out for about an hour. We debated on whether or not we wanted to go to my Aunt and Uncle’s for the Super Bowl, but we were just too exhausted. So we chilled at the house, and watched the game. Watched the first half and was unimpressed with the game and the commercials. I love the “Secret Fridge” commercial, but that was about it. Leslie passed out some time in the second half, and I stayed up and played poker until the game was over.

Poker Update: Had a really good session on Friday night. Almost hit the 3K mark. Have since dropped a bit and now hovering around the 2.7K mark. Think I am going to take the rest of the week off. Have gotten back into to playing almost every night.


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