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Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner and and it's time for my prediction. I usually have a pretty good idea on who would win with the amount of research I do during the fantasy football season, but this year I slacked with fantasy football. First time in about five years.

To be honest, I have no clue how good Seattle actually is. I mean, I know Alexander is awesome, and Hasslebeck has his great games, but I don't know anything about there defense.

As for Pittsburgh, I know Big Ben is great when he is healthy (which he is). Hines Ward is one of the best wide-outs out there, and there defense (blitz-burgh) is tough to play against.

So through my lack of knowledge on Seattle I am going to have to pick Pittsburgh. The score, I have no clue. But for fun I'll throw out Pittsburgh 27 - Seattle 17.

What will be interesting come Sunday is the quality of commercials. I have a feeling we will be disappointed. I heard today that since the Winter Olympics will be starting within the week, a lot of companies are not airing there commericals for the Super Bowl and saving them for the Olympics.

Maybe the game will be better than the commercials?


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