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Friday, February 03, 2006

Miami Heat Basketball Game

So last night I was fortunate enough to go to the Miami Heat basketball game with my buddy Jared. He scored lower level, 2nd row seats in between the foul line and three point line across from the Cavaliers bench. It was unbelievable. First big shock was pulling into the underground garage where all you saw were BMWs, Bentleys, Lexus's, etc. Once we got in the Arena the first thing we had to do was check out the seats. Wow!! Ten feet from Lebron James.

After that we headed back "up" to the concourse level to get something to eat and drink. Not surprised, but the food and drinks were expensive. My personal Papa John's pizza was $7 and my Budweiser Beer was $6. After killing both of those, I decided to go with a Corona Beer (looked like a 40 oz) for $12, and cinnamon almonds for $6. At this point I was so glad I didn't have to pay for the $230 tickets.

So after all the drinking and eating we headed back down to the seats. Jared introduced me to the guy who got us the tickets (very wealthy), and his lawyer (very, very wealthy). They were drinking double Black Label on the rocks. The lawyer noticed we did not have passes to get to the VIP lounge, so he brought us into the lounge to get us bracelets. Pretty cool stuff. Inside the lounge was a full bar and restaurant. People were eating steaks, sushi, you name it. There were rooms off to the side with flat screen TVs so you could watch what you wish.

After we finished checking out the lounge we headed back to the seats, and the introductions were about to start. Just before they started, Marv Albert walked by us. He and Steve Kerr were setup just to the right of us for TNT. We were so close the fire they let out during the introductions burnt most of Jared's hair off. LOL, no just kidding he didn't have any hair to begin with, but it was pretty hot.

So the game starts, and about one or two minutes into the game the guy to the left of me taps me on the shoulder and says, "If you lean forward when the ball is on the opposite side of the court, I can't see." LOL, I apologized to him and sat back for the rest of the game. I thought this was hilarious.

When halftime came around we hung out in the lounge for a bit. Inside the lounge there were the likes of Matt Geiger (ex-heat player), Alex Rodriguez (does he need an introduction), and a bunch of rich Hispanic people. I have never been around so many wealthy people. You could just tell by looking at them that they were wealthy. Watches that had to be worth $10,000. Pimped out clothes. It was crazy. The net worth in that room had to be close to a half a billion.

Later on in the game the big screen showed some of the other celebrities at the game (which we had better seats than): Jason Taylor (I'm sure he went to Hard Rock after the game for some Poker), Charles Johnson (ex-Marlin), Rony Seikaly (ex-Heat), and Anna Kournikova (Tennis player).

The game for the most part was dominated by the Heat. The fourth quarter had some amazing plays by Alonzo, Shaq, and Wade. There was a Wade alley-oop to Shaq that had to be on SportsCenter.

It was a pretty amazing game. Probably will never sit that close again at a basketball game. Well, that's if you don't count my Sunday morning basketball games in Weston. Just a little bit different I guess. Definitely a game I will never forget.


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