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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Poker Last Night

So last night I played two tournaments. The first was a $50 18 person tourney. I played very tight most of the game, and was not involved in too many hands. It was down to 12 players, and I took a stand with this really loose player with the blinds at 25/50. I had pocket 8s and raised it up to $150. This guy re-raised me for another $200. Was hoping he was over playing A rag or had AK or AQ. So I called. The flop came T76. Good flop for me. It was to me and I checked (looking back, this is where I think I made my mistake). He threw out $200. I figured he was trying to buy the pot here. So I re-raised him to $700, leaving me with $300 or $400 in chips left. He re-raised me all-in. OUCH. I knew I was in trouble, but had to make the call. He flips over pocket Qs, and I am out of the tourney.

On to the next tourney. This one was a $200 9 person tourney (most expensive game I have played). This was my 2nd time playing the $200 tourney. Didn't make the money the first time around. Again, in this tourney I played very tight at the beginning. Most of the other players did too. Long story short, I won the tourney. Cashed in $900.

Two of the big hands were the following:

Down to six players and I am one of two short stacks. I’m on the button and the other short stack calls the big blind (75/150). I have AQs, and re-raise all in (around $900). The small blind is the large stack and he re-raises all-in. The big blind and the other small stack fold, and I'm thinking I am in trouble. I was right, he flips over pocket Qs. Only 3 live cards... The flop comes K64... Turn J... River T. Yes!!! Somehow I hit the straight. Very lucky hand. That put me in 2nd place.

Down to four players, and still in 2nd place with the guy in 3rd very close. I'm on the big blind for this hand, and I'm dealt K8. The small blind raises pre-flop the minimum raise (still 75/150) to 300. I decide to call and see a flop. The flop comes AK6. He checks to me, and I bet 150. He just calls. The turn comes 9. He bets $300, and I re-raise to $1200. He goes all-in. I take a minute to think…

If he had the A he probably would have raised more pre-flop. Well, maybe not. But he would have definitely bet after the flop or re-raise me on the turn. So I'm convinced he doesn't have the A. Probably has the K or is bluffing (was leaning towards bluffing). My 8 kicker worried me, but I made the call. He turns over KT. Ouch!!! But as you already know, I won this tournament, and the 8 came on the river.

I was very lucky on both of those hands. After this hand I had more than half of the chips remaining. Played very aggressive, and stole a lot of blinds. The guy I played heads up was extremely tight with his starting hands. He also could not throw away his hand if he hit a pair. The final hand came down to my AT vs his A9.

Bankroll is now at $2900.


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