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Monday, February 20, 2006

Wedding Crashers

My buddy Jared got married this weekend. What a great time. Had way too much to drink, and probably made of a fool of myself on the dance floor and the wedding video.

So on to the funny story. The wedding took place at the Signature Grand in Davie, FL. This place does all types of functions, and has a bunch of ballrooms in it.

In Jewish weddings it is custom to dance the hora. The dance consists of everyone forming a circle around the bride and groom and their parents. They each take turns getting lifted up in a chair while everyone in the circle is clapping and singing. So while Jared's dad was being lifted up in the air, Jared's brother-in-law (Rick) recognized one of the guys lifting his dad up. He thought to himself, that looks a like my buddy Jim. So he waited until the dance was over, and went up to him.

He says, "Jim right? You're a police officer?" And Jim says, "Yes!" Rick says, "It's me Rick." So they catch up for five or ten minutes. After catching up Rick says, "So who are you here for, the bride or the groom?" And Jim responds, "Neither." He then explains that he had a Police Officer banquet a couple of rooms down, and the party was real boring. Him and a couple of his other police officer buddies went to the wedding in the room next to Jared's, but that too was pretty weak. Then they walked by Jared's wedding, and knew they finally found a party.

Then Rick noticed the kippah Jim was wearing, and said, "Jim, I didn't kow you were jewish." He said, "I'm not, I just wanted to blend in."

So Jared and Jen (his wife), will always have wonderful video memories of the police officer with a kippah nobody knew (except Rick), dancing the hora on there special night.


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